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Daiichi Sankyo Korea Co.,Ltd. is the Korean subsidiary of Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company.

Consolidation of the Daiichi Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd. and Sankyo Co.,Ltd. gave birth to Daiichi Sankyo Korea Co.,Ltd. in April 2007, which since its launch has expanded its domain of expertise from anti-inflammatory area to cardiovascular area. Daiichi Sankyo Korea offers a fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent named cravat, anti-hypertension agent. Olmetec and Sevikar as well as an anti-dyslipidemia agent Mevalotin. The company will continue to make strides forward to secure a leading status in the pharmaceutical industry by leveraging and further diversifying its product offerings.

A Benchmark Company Trusted by Korean Consumers

Daiichi Sankyo Korea recruits and cultivates the top personnel in the industry and is dedicated to implementing global best practices in ethical management, aspiring to become the most trusted Japanese pharmaceutical company in Korea.

Contribution to the Quality of Life of Patients Ensuring Continual Development and Provision of Innovative Pharmaceuticals.

Daiichi Sankyo Korea is the Korean subsidiary ofn Diichi Sankyo, which offers a wide range of innovative pharmaceuticals. Our R&D efforts are based on Daiichi Sankyo Group's philosophy to become a "Global Pharma Innovator", which contributes to the enric hment of quality of life around the world through a continual development and provision of innovative pharmeceutical solutions.

Social Contribution Acting on the management philosophy of sharing

Daiichi Sankyo Korea donates to the Korean Heart Foundation and the Korean Children Cancer Foundation for patients who need heart surgeries and cancer treatments every year, and all of the employees carry out environment volunteer on every foundation year called ‘Eco Friendship Day’. In addition as a global pharmaceutical company whose company origin is from Japan, Daiichi Sankyo Korea contributes to cultural exchange between Korea and Japan through sponsorship for Korea-Japan Festival every year.



Daiichi Sankyo Korea Co.,Ltd. is the Korean subsidiary of Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company.more...